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Security Policy & Procedure Review


Security Policy & Procedure Review

Security policies and procedures are a critical component of an organization’s overall security program. MATCO, over the years has developed expertise to develop and adopt security policies and procedures for it's esteemed clients, security policies, we understand the who, what, and why regarding an organization’s security program and MATCO's expertise in deploying security procedures ensures the best implementation or consistent application of the security policies to achieve the right result.

MATCO Security Guard Services team members are trained to follow the strict gudelines of these policies and procedures. Implementing these in a wide range of industries, such as aviation, oil & gas, services institutions, events & constructions sector and many others. MATCO recognizes that each market sector requires a broad spectrum of support services and specialized training to maximize value for the client and address the risk factors involved.

MATCO ensures the consistency in the implementation of a security control or execution of a security relevant business process and recognizes it as a critical part of any organization’s preparedness and readiness to any testing situation. Adopting the policy and procedure by security guards with right approach and ensuring the right outcome according to the situation are very important aspect of such preparedness and MATCO ensure the right set of tools and training of its security guards’ team to combat any such situation.

MATCO security services team responds swiftly and effectively to any emergency evacuations, fires, medical emergencies, mechanical problems, access violations, shipping and receiving concerns, and health and safety issues based on the right policy and procedure adopted. The MATCO Security guard staff has a support system in place for reporting issues and getting more guidance. A dedicated 24x7 dispatch service, central area monitoring, patrol supervisors who routinely visit sites, and management representatives on call around-the-clock make up MATCO Security's support system. When compared to our competitors, MATCO Security Services goes above and beyond what is expected of a security guard company today.