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About us

The next generation of security services

A leader in security services in Saudi Arabia, MATCO Security is the most trusted security services company in the region, we are equipped and experienced to handle all type of commercial properties including oil and gas, petrochemicals, aviation, ports, education institute, and major construction sites.

Our journey starts back in 2007 as a security service provider, since then we have worked to build our reputation as a trusted name in the security industry. Scheduling your site security through our company is a guarantee that you will be taken care 24 x 7.

MATCO Security is committed to our client’s specific needs and tailoring services accordingly and maintains the highest standards in the security industry

We exceed client expectations because we innovate, adapt to changes, and use cutting edge systems and technology. Our clients look to us as a security service leader and responsive partner. Our client driven approach and highly competent staff is what sets MATCO apart from our competitors.

MATCO Security has a large workforce across the country which ensures we can promptly respond to the customers urgent security needs. MATCO is very selective in it’s hiring process to deploy the set of teams who can able communicate effectively and good in mental, physical strength to protect your premises for any unseen to come during the crisis. Our impressive track record as a security service provider working with high profile clients from ground zero to growth, and projects that speaks for us about our history and milestones.

Technology driven intelligent security systems

Matco has embarked on providing the latest, technology-driven intelligent security systems. These systems range from security surveillance and control systems to data-driven automation approaches that use digital data transfer, audio and video recording, pattern analysis, and video image capture to help build a robust security plan. With the capacity to be customised for each project, these next level systems offer a broad range of cutting-edge digital video surveillance solutions. This enables centralised command and control of a full company security network in a single location.

The intelligent security system uses sophisticated algorithms to offer intelligence and analytics that were previously exclusively available for use in government and military applications.

Providing full security and due diligence services by the Matco team is one of the latest offerings and we are adding more capabilities through upcoming solutions in the market to be a leader in this sphere. To meet our clients' needs for company security and intelligence, we offer strategic advising, security & risk management services, and customised solutions. The whole range of comprehensive security services and advisory services included in these services are run by top experts in the field and follow the international best practices standard.