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We are persistent about protecting what’s important to you, and the brand MATCO promise for an exceptional customer experience.

Matco is serving over 15 years, protecting and securing the things that matter most to our esteemed clients and partners. We understand and seen more that the most in ensuring safety and security, may it be personal, office, property and others.

WE are the preferred partner for companies ranging from small size to large enterprises in Saudi Arabia and region around. We promise you providing the best services as needed at competitive prices with the best possible solutions.

The Matco team of professionals, experts, and vigilant management uses up to date and the most innovative technologies, we assure you that you will get your money’s worth and more. All of our officers have to go through a strict screening process to make sure that there are no vulnerabilities in the services we provide. We not only help you in providing better security guard services but also helps in strengthening the trust between our officers and our clients which is very important in a professional setting.

About MATCO Company

A leader in security services in Saudi Arabia, MATCO Security is the most trusted security services company in the region, we are equipped and experienced to handle all type of commercial properties including oil and gas, petrochemicals, aviation, ports, education institute, and major construction sites.

Our journey starts back in 2007 as a security service provider, since then we have worked to build our reputation as a trusted name in the security industry. Scheduling your site security through our company is a guarantee that you will be taken care 24 x 7.

Our Vision

We strive to be the most professional
and respected security leader in the
industry by exceeding our customers’
expectations and creating long lasting
working relationships with our clients.

Our Missions

To provide customized security and
safety services for our customers,
delivering on the MATCO value
proposition through our highly trained
and professional employees, security
industry expertise and experience.

Our Solutions

Skilled and highly trained professionals at MATCO are eager to serve our esteemed
clients and partners. MATCO teams are monitored regularly by the supervisors.

Our guards take great care in their appearance and wear high-quality uniforms as representatives of your company's front lines. We can ensure above-average service at a competitive rate. We perform background checks on all of our prospective security officers as part of the hiring process; many of them are veterans, and we especially welcome those who have first-aid training or other relevant experience.

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Our Customers

All Success Stories Start With A Vision, And Successful Visions Are
Based On Strong Pillars.

Our Vision Is A Strong, Thriving, And Stable Saudi Arabia That
Provides An Opportunity For All.

We Are Confident About The Kingdom’s Future. With All The
Blessings Allah Has Bestowed On Our Nation, We Cannot Help But
Be Optimistic About The Decades Ahead. We Ponder What Lies
Over The Horizon Rather Than Worrying About What Could Be

Together, With The Help Of Allah, We Can Strengthen The
Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia’s​Position As A Great Nation In Which We
Should All Feel An Immense Pride.

Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


We are not worried about the future of the Kingdom,
but we look forward to a brighter future, capable of
making – with Allah’s help – the human, natural
and acquired wealth that Allah has bestowed upon it.

We must treat new technologies positively with
opportunities, not risks.

Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia