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LPR & Vehicle Inspection Camera


LPR & Vehicle Inspection Camera

LPR & Vehicles Inspection Camera

LPR cameras are advanced traffic sensors used to capture and digitalize images from license plates. LPR technology is become part of security protocols to digitized the license plates readings and instantly recognize, capture and analyze the license plate image, performing additional operations beyond the regular man capacity. this makes the digitalization process possible in complex/extreme conditions such as moving targets, very open angles, poor ambiance light, fog, dirt, etc.

MATCO Security deploy handheld under vehicle inspection camera for security operations. This technology helps us detect objects hidden underneath the vehicles at entry and exit points, and other remote areas where threat detection and management are required. In comparison to our rivals, Matco Security Services exceeds the requirements for a security guard firm in the current market. We offer much more as a security company than just deterrence, detection, and reporting.