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Front Desk Support 24 x 7


Front Desk Support 24 x 7

The front desk services offered by MATCO, are extremely dependable and effective, supplying visitors and clients with thorough information on the building and guests. accepting and delivering packages to the appropriate recipients, providing first-responder assistance in critical situations. ensuring the reporting of safety and upkeep connected to their inspection, the assigned area, and any other function designated in accordance with the required services. Our group of skilled security officers is constantly prepared to handle hazards and problems related to the scope of their work.

Some of the primary functions of our front desk services area are following.

Information Management, i.e., we make sure our security guards have the necessary knowledge and understanding to manage all employee and resident information without falling behind in the help and information provided before assigning reception security guards.

Our front desk security guards have received the necessary training in information management down to the last detail as requested by the client. You may thus be confident that we will choose the most dependable and effective team members to carry out this task, and we emphasise the need for additional training during the onboarding process.

The advantages of having friendly front desk staff cannot be emphasised enough. Employing front desk staff who are aware of their responsibility in establishing the appropriate tone for your space's daily activities is essential because it's frequently the first impression visitors receive of your residential or commercial facility. Along with the security measures we are renowned for offering, we also apply concierge service tactics to increase resident and staff retention. Our desire to see you secure and prosperous is one distinguishing aspect of our front desk security. We are aware of the importance of that tiny detail, so we don't ignore routine activities like welcoming clients, accelerating data entry, and making chores easier for guests.

Front desk employees must stand for several hours each day as part of their job. They must also regularly handle large packages and bags. When allocating our guards, we take into consideration all of their qualities, including dependability and politeness, as well as their physical capabilities.

The next generation of contract security companies is represented by MATCO Security Services. More significantly, we know how to add value to your business by delivering first-rate customer service and close attention to detail. We know what it takes to keep you and your company secure. We assume control of every customer's business and assets. We want to make sure that each of our security guards knows how proud we are of what you and your business have done.