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Configuration, Change, and Compliance Management

EMC IT Compliance Management solutions enable you to automatically discover, monitor, track, and validate changes and dependencies related to your business-critical applications and information infrastructure. With EMC IT Compliance Management, you eliminate the time-consuming, resource-intensive, error-prone, and high-risk manual methods commonly used to assess IT compliance and governance. The result: you ensure strong policy-based self-governance on an ongoing basis, and automatically receive alerts if policy violations occur.
Key Benefits
  • IT compliance validation — Ensure IT compliance with internal governance policies, external regulations, and industry best practices.
  • Automated solution — Discover, monitor, track, and validate configurations, changes, and dependencies automatically.
  • Elimination of risk — Assess and validate IT compliance without relying on cumbersome, time-consuming, resource-intensive, and error-prone manual methods.
  • Proactive change planning — Gauge the compliance impact of planned configuration changes—before actually making the change.
  • Real-time updates — Track automatically all details whenever you make changes to the information infrastructure.
  • Enhanced efficiency — Save time and better utilize resources by eliminating time-consuming manual processes for assessing IT compliance.