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Business Continuity and Availability

EMC Affordable Disaster Recovery solutions minimize exposure to data loss from a disaster, lowering your total cost of ownership. With Affordable Disaster Recovery solutions, you'll meet today's demanding service level requirements for recovery time and data loss. You'll also rapidly restart applications upon failure and affordably replicate information at remote locations with technology that minimizes network costs and bandwidth.

Key Benefits
  • Dramatically improved service levels — Reduce your exposure to data loss with tools for both robust synchronous and scalable asynchronous remote replication.
  • Optimized wide-area network resources — Use EMC RecoverPoint's network fabric intelligence and service-level policies to manage your replication lag, data compression, and bandwidth prioritization.
  • Flexible recovery management — Recover locally to any point in time with continuous data protection, and remotely to a specific point in time with continuous remote replication.
  • Improved application recovery time — Leverage integration with your key enterprise applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP and VMware virtual infrastructure.
  • Reduced cost of ownership — Leverage the built-in capabilities of CLARiiON CX3 to eliminate the need for separate host splitters or intelligent fabric configurations.